Cemetery Definitions

Centotaph - a marker memorializing someone, but without the remains.

Columbarium - a building containing niches to hold urns.
Crypt -a space in a mausoleum intended to be used for casket entombment, but can also be used for urns.
Entombment - the placing of a casket in a crypt. 
Gravestone - a marker at the burial plot.
Headstone - a marker at the burial plot.
Interment - a casket burial in a ground plot.
Inurnment - the placing of an urn containing cremated remains in a ground plot or niche.
Mausoleum - a building containing crypts to hold caskets.
Niche - a space in a columbarium or mausoleum used for an urn containing cremated remains.
Plot - ground property identified by an individual lot number.