Rhoda Gollehur Ryan

Rhoda Gollehur Ryan

There doesn't seem to be an obituary - when you die alone, people don't bother....
Rhoda was worth bothering for.
Rhoda was a friend and a talented weaver.
She was a founding member of the Eugene Weavers Guild in 1946 - see history.
She introduced me to and invited me to join the Central Oregon Spinners and Weaver Guild.
My first Guild meeting and my first trip to Crooked River Ranch was as a passenger in Rhoda's car - a trip that scared me half to death - she was well into her 80's and a speeder!
She reached out to me and included me.
She was a lady.
She was born June 3, 1911.
She died March 10, 2011,
She was married to Charles "Bryan" Ryan on January 1, 1942.
Byran was a member of the 10th Mountain Division (as is my father-in-law).
They both were cross country skiers.

Rhoda will live in my memory as a warm, friendly, talented woman.
She was married to the love of her life and childless.
Her home was the magic of art - her husband a fine artist - she a weaver.
Through the magic of a green thumb and an ingeniously designed lava rock walled garden, the Ryan's always had magnificent homegrown and ripe tomatoes here in the high desert of Central Oregon.
She was bursting with energy and creativity and kindness.
I am richer for having known her.

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